Internship in Sustainable Living

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Internship in Sustainable Living




Making plans for one year, we plant rice.

Making plans for 10 years, we plant trees.

Making plans for 100 years, we prepare people.”

Old Chinese Saying



Mama Roja offers in-depth internship programs to individuals interested in getting hands-on experience in the different aspects of Sustainable Living:



Organic Gardening, Earthen Building, Renewable Energy, Natural Food Production, Homesteading, Animal Husbandry, Seed Saving, Community Living… and more


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These internship opportunities are for people who want to develop personal experience in living sustainably, build practical skills and useful knowledge, and share in a creative, hands-on learning process.  These programs consist of skill sharing, creative problem-solving, and innovative exploration of ideas in a positive working environment.

We build out of Earth, plant in the gardens, and exchange workshops while living within the natural beauty of the forest and continuously learning from the living world all around us.

Interns should be prepared to learn a lot, share their talents, participate in community living, work mostly outdoors, be open-minded, and hard-working.

We encourage participants to slow down, think, listen, and take time for personal development too. Interns have time to go exploring in nature, swim in the waterfall and rivers, read, craft, make art, share delicious meals, and do personal practices such as yoga and meditation. This will be a time of great personal learning and fun!



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