Who We Are

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Who We Are

Mama Roja is a sustainable living project focused on teaching practical homesteading skills and simple living. This project was born of a desire to live in a happy and harmonious way, freeing us to explore our full potential as creative and intelligent beings.


We want to live true to our ideals and honest with ourselves. For us, this means living close to nature, making choices with ecological consciousness, and building a comfortable, peaceful place conducive to growth and sharing. To live in a healthy, balanced, natural manner is a way to make positive change for our ill world.

Simple, sustainable living not only provides for our basic needs (food, shelter, medicine, and clothing) but also encourages personal growth (mental, physical, and spiritual). It is a way to reclaim our personal independence and security. We cannot know freedom or happiness if we build our lives on a system of acquisition and accumulation, depending on outside industry and non-renewable resources for our livelihood. If we are to have better lives and a better world for future generations, we can, should, and must take an active role in that revolution. We believe this is easily achievable through simple, natural means, respecting ourselves, the Earth, and her cycles.

Find out more by reading our vision statement or meet the Mama Roja residents.

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