Who We Are

DSC01421The eco-venture odyssey has begun… and her name is Mama Roja. She is a dream of a sustainable lifestyle, more self-sufficiency, less environmental impact. She exists on 32 hectares (80 acres) of (what´s left of) gorgeous forest in the central hills of Misiones, Argentina. This is our homestead, our learning project, our place to live in peace. We want to be constructive, responsible beings, which for us means living as ecologically as possible, cultivating a deep partnership with the land we live on. We believe we can provide for our basic needs (food/water, shelter, clothes, medicine) through simple, natural means. An organic garden. Natural building using local, site-found, and salvaged materials. Connecting with our fellow beings by offering a place to share knowledge and skills, and gain new insight and understanding.We want to live in harmony with nature, reconnect with her wisdom, and savor her delights. By cultivating awareness of our attitudes and actions, we can have a positive effect on our place in this world.