Current Projects

Self-sufficiency is not ‘going back’ to some idealized past in which people grubbed for their food with primitive implements and burned each other for witchcraft. It is going forward to a new and better kind of life; a life that is more fun than the over-specialized round of office or factory life; a life that brings challenge and use of daily initiative back to work, and variety, and occasional great success and occasional abysmal failure. It means the acceptance of complete responsibility for what you do or what you don’t do, and one it’s greatest rewards the joy that come from seeing each job through…”

— John Seymour


There’s always plenty going on at Mama Roja…

Our list of ongoing projects is an exciting and ever-growing list of dreams coming to fruition. The more we do, the more we want to do! The more we read, the more we create! It might just be a never-ending cycle, but isn’t that what life is about?

  • We recently built another guest cabin out of Earth, and are currently working on getting it plastered.
  • The gardens are still needing tending, and fending off from the jungle bug invasions.
  • Also, our family house is getting finishing work (a long process): we are putting a hardwood floor into the bedroom, finishing plasters and mud sculptures on the exterior, and other details of love. We’re thrilled!
  • Upcoming projects:  building the new animal housing (we have rabbits reproducing like crazy!), building new Earthen cabins, installing the water and irrigation system, upkeep of the fields and gardens, and more… !
  • For more information on our involvement with our local community, visit our Community Projects page.

To see what we are currently working on, check out our blog!