With The Land

Nature is the greatest teacher…”

— George Washington Carver

“A change is required of us, a healing of the betrayed trust between humans and earth.Caretaking is the utmost spiritual and physical responsibility of our time, and perhaps that stewardship is finally our place in the web of life, our work, the solution to the mystery of what we are.”

— Linda Hogan


We’re all part of the cycle of life here at Mama Roja. A homesteading lifestyle feels like a living being.


We grow vegetable gardens, we harvest from the wild, and keep animals.


The animals give us not only food but help nurture our soil and control insects, doing several jobs at once.



We also take time to ferment and preserve the goods from our garden and harvest natural medicines from our plants.


Interconnectedness is at the core of Mama Roja – the plants, the soil, the water, the animals and the caretakers all have a crucial role in creating a harmonious equilibrium here.