Yoga and Healing Practices

Yoga asanas are a silent manner of speech, and the cells of the body, each with its own consciousness, are the listeners. The body is very teachable and can become a great spiritual tool.”

At Mama Roja, we strengthen our commitment to the healing of our world by drawing on daily yoga and meditation practices, and offering space to those who wish to heal and reconnect to themselves and Nature.




Group Retreats:

For next retreat dates, check out the calendar.

We regularly host Yoga Retreats in collaboration with Buena Onda Yoga, a studio based in Buenos Aires.

We welcome the opportunity to host other yoga groups or healing-motivated events at Mama Roja. We have housing and community spaces available, and can prepare meals and other activities. Contact Us for more information.

Personal Healing: 

If you would like to come to Mama Roja to receive personal healing work or just to take a relaxing break in a beautiful place, we can help.  With good healthy meals, clean fresh air, butterflies and bird song, waterfall baths and river swimming, and plenty of personal space,  you can reconnect to yourself and the rhythms of nature.

The healing therapies we offer, including private consultations:  vibrational healing with Flower Essences of Misiones, energetic work with  Reiki and chakra cleaning, guided Yoga and Pranayama practices, Meditation, and personal Massage (Thai and Swedish).

Sacred Medicine Cleanses and Ceremonies:  

A couple of times a year, Mama Roja has the privilege of hosting healing rituals for people who are interested in spiritual reconnection, personal healing, and praying for loved ones.  Taken with reverence and respect, these healing rituals can give us a glimpse of higher consciousness, help open and soften the heart, aid us in realizing our higher purpose, and help us find clarity and feel better.  Consult us for the next ceremony dates.





We offer our Yoga Shala, which we hand-built with foraged standing-dead hardwood from our land, to all those that would like to practice during their stay at Mama Roja.



Sweet Savasana, listening to the birds in the tree, the river down below, the breath, the body relaxing…


 The sweat lodge, for purification and deep prayer healing:

Connecting to Nature, we heal ourselves and our world.